document : 2009 Sun City 400 - Online Entry

2009 Sun City 400 - Online Entry
information supplied by: Cross Country Commission (Media) 09 July 2009

Attached please find the Supplementary Regulations and Self Scrutineering Form for the 2009 Sun City 400..

The information contained in the online entry will be stored on the database and all future entry and medical forms submitted to you will contain the information provided by you. The onus is on you, the competitor, to ensure that the information is correct at all times. Should any of the information have changed please update the documentation accordingly. You will be required to sign the entry and medical form at documentation.

Please click here to access the online entry and medical form

Entries open immediately and close on 17th July 2009 as detailed in the attached SR’s. (Late entries close 21st July 2009)

Entry Fees and payment as per the attached SR’s. Please do not e-mail proof of payment to this e-mail address.

Deposit/transfer of entry fee must be made directly into the Club’s bank account as detailed in the SR’s

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2009 Sun City 400 - Self Scrutineering Form.pdf (20kB)

2009 Sun City 400 - Supplementary Regulations.pdf (76kB)

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